Meet AppMail Ai… your personal email marketing assistant to help you grow your business

The Power of
An Email Marketing Army
at Your Fingertips

Strategize, create and automate email campaigns like a seasoned pro with AppMail Ai 

Become a beta tester
Become a beta tester

Supercharge your
business with AppMail!

Better, faster, cheaper

Create custom campaign strategies with a simple click. No need to hire a specialist.

Smart campaign creation

Craft impactful campaign content based on your business, products and audience.

Maximize sales and revenue

Turn browsers into shoppers with the next-generation interactive (shoppable) emails.

Become a beta tester
Become a beta tester

Email marketing strategies tailored to your business 

Delivering you hyper-personalized campaign strategies, ensuring you never miss a chance to engage with your customers.

Effortless content creation: Your role? Simple. Review, edit, send!

Say goodbye to the struggle of crafting impactful content. AppMail AI takes charge, delivering compelling campaign ideas, and meaningful content that resonates with your customers.

Transform your customer’s email into a shopping experience

Turn an email browsing opportunity into a potential sale by enabling your customers to shop directly from your marketing emails.

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